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NEC IP Phones for the SV9100 and SV8100 Systems

NEC Univerge Desktop IP Phones are actually terminals that offer virtually identical functionality and features of traditional phones. But unlike traditional phones,  NEC IP PHONES support virtually seamless integration of advanced IP applications.

Complete integration of voice and data is no longer limited to the network or the PC desktop; it is now in the hands of the end user, providing cost-effective role-enabled communications as part of NEC's UNIVERGE360 approach.

The DT700 series of NEC IP phones is compatible with the NEC SV8100 and SV9100 phone systems. The DT800 series of IP telephones is designed primarily for the SV9100 phone system, but can be used on the SV8100 as long as the system has software revision 9.51 installed.

Each series of NEC IP phones offers great value to your organization. NEC IP phones are designed for comfort and facilitate use through an array of menu-driven soft-key functions and easy-access function keys. Together, these aspects of the terminal deliver power, versatility and programmability to all user stations, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Because the entire desktop surface is crafted for user productivity and achieves better speed, service and performance, these SV8100 and SV9100 business phones can help your organization reach a higher degree of profitability.


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