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Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency to encourage growth and increaseprofits. One area that is often overlooked is a business’s choice of phone system. Many businesses have been adopting Voice over Internet Protocol systems, or VoIP, in recent years because of the range of advanced features available at a lower cost than traditional phone lines.

One of the latest spin offs of business VoIP technology is the Hosted PBX. This technology allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact, the entire telephone system is operated and maintained by your Voice-over IP (VoIP) Mitel Hosted Services provider. A Hosted PBX lets employees work from their home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system.


Quality Communications 2 - Your Official Mitel Hosted Services Partner

Just like a Fortune 500 telephone system, you can transfer callers, put them on hold with music, set up conference calls or have the phone answered by an automated attendant who can direct callers to different departments.

Combining voice, video and data into one efficient and easy-to-manage communication system can save thousands of dollars and countless hours that would have been spent on a traditional phone system. By moving to Hosted, businesses can spend less time worrying about communication technology and more time focusing on what really matters. This whitepaper outlines the seven ways VoIP can help to improve your business.

Seven Reasons that Mitel Hosted Services Should be your ONLY Choice!

1. Cutting Costs
Moving to a Mitel Hosted Serviced driven system will not only cut your long distance charges, but it will also cut costs associated with network management, upgrades, and servicing a traditional telephony system. Many Hosted systems come with productivity features – such as online conferencing, video calls, and on-the-fly conference bridging – that improve collaboration and save money that might be otherwise spent on travel and in-person meetings. Mitel Hosted Services also offer solutions such as internet-based voicemail retrieval, which traditional phone systems do not provide for free.

2. Improve Internal Communications with Mitel Hosted Services
With a cleaner, faster phone connection, Mitel Hosted services will undoubtedly improve external communications with your clients, but it will also give your own staff more ways to stay connected to each other. ‘Presence’ technology allows employees to check for their colleagues’ availability and determine the best way to get in touch. The PC-like interface of a VoIP phone is another selling point for many workers, eliminating the need for a clunky user manual.

3. Business Continuity
A power failure that knocks out your phone system and internet connection for several hours can be a major disruption to business operations. Our Mitel Hosted Services solution offers a failover solution where certain extensions can be configured to switch over to cell phones in the event of an emergency.

4. Enterprise Features On A Small Business Budget
While most Mitel Hosted systems come with standard features such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and conferencing, there are a range of additional enterprise-level features that can be just as beneficial to smaller businesses. Auto-attendant and integrated conferencing can make smaller businesses appear larger and more well-equipped to their clients. Having a Hosted system in place at your business also enables Unified Communications, a technology architecture that allows businesses to manage all communications, such as voicemail, email, fax and instant messaging, as one entity.

5. Mobility
Today’s Hosted systems give workers the ability to remain connected while working remotely. With features like call forwarding, Find-Me-Follow-Me, selective ring, and voicemail to text translation, employees can maintain a high level of productivity without being chained to their desks.

6. Simplify Management
By consolidating your data and voice networks, you will save both time and money when it comes to network management. The days of waiting around for your telephone company to send out a crew for basic maintenance or upgrades are over. With hosted VoIP, businesses can easily make changes to their system or add additional users through a centralized web portal.

7. CRM Integration
The ability to integrate CRM applications with your Mitel Hosted Services system is a major bonus for businesses of all sizes. CRM applications house your client information, and having that data at your fingertips during the communications process can create stronger client connections and improve customer service. VoIP integration allows you to place calls to clients directly from your CRM dashboard, dramatically saving time and streamlining business processes.

A Congratulations to Mitel

G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform, today released the Winter 2016 VoIP SoftwareGridSMreport to help businesses make the best technology decision. Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber and Mitel Unified Communications were named Leaders in the report, receiving strong customer satisfaction scores with a large market presence.

Mitel Services

At Quality Communications 2, we provide a comprehensive Mitel solution. As a single end-to-end provider, there is no finger pointing. Simply put, no other provider can say that! Mitel manufactures the phone, administer the data center, write the software and even own the data centers. One company, one solution.

Ten Reasons for a Cloud Based Solution by Mitel

Mitel Confirmed as Global Market Share Leader for Business Cloud Communications

Why Choose Mitel? Over 1.6 MILLION Subscribers Can't be Wrong!


Mitel Products

Mitel Business-Class Phone and Communication Products provide business-wide telephony solutions to help businesses manage their day-to-day operations. Complete real-time and historical reporting enables you to improve business processes and performance, and identify opportunities for cost savings.  Quality Communications offers you complete end-to-end support of your Mitel Business Phones and Mitel Communications Products.

SX-200 IP Communications Platform

3300 IP Communications Platform

5540 IP Console

5550 IP Console

Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform

The Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides the ideal platform for the hospitality market to deliver outstanding telephony services to their guests, business clients and employees. Designed with the hospitality market in mind, the SX-200 ICP marries the latest in Voice over IP communications with traditional telephony services to deliver a communications solution tailored to meet the needs of small and medium sized hotels, residential homes and the broader hospitality market. The SX-200 ICP provides an extensive key or PBX system feature set and many applications:

• Available on the SX-200 CX, CXi, AX and MX Controllers 
• Support for industry-standard networking protocols such as Q.SIG 
• Teleworking available through the Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) 
• 500+ telephony features 
• Embedded standard unified messaging, personal contacts and message notification 
• Auto-attendant, ACD and WiFi 
• Support for a range of Mitel IP Phones and modules 
• Web-based interface that allows for easy system programming 
• Hot swap, allowing users to change any extension to their own 
• 802.3af compliance for Power over Ethernet (POE) 
• Embedded layer 2 16-port POE 802.3af switch (SX-200 CXi Controller only) 
• The 24 port ONSp card increases the density of analog extensions a single SX-200 Controller can support by up to 50% - ideal for hospitality properties! 
• New! The Mitel 5540 IP Console is currently available for the SX-200 ICP. This console is a direct replacement for the previous DNIC-based attendant console, and eliminates the requirement for a DNIC port while providing not just existing attendant console functions, but enhanced functions as well.

Download SX-200 Brochure PDF

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3300 IP Communications Platform

The Mitel® 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10-65,000 users. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise IP-PBX capability plus a range of embedded applications including standard unified messaging, auto-attendant, ACD and wireless.  Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the 3300 ICP provides seamless IP networking allowing for full feature transparency within distributed environments by supporting networking standards such as Q.SIG, DPNSS, and MSDN.  The 3300 ICP provides organizations with the opportunity to IP enable their legacy PBX's, protecting existing investments while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure.

Mitel Communications Director software supports over 500 telephony features – features that are delivered to the many user communities through easy-to-use interfaces, such as our web-based system management.

At the user level the 3300 ICP supports the industry's largest range of desktop devices including entry-level IP phones, Web-enabled IP devices, wireless handsets (WiFi or IP DECT) and full-duplex IP audio conference units.  Mitel's track record of innovation at the desktop is continued through the Navigator - integrating two of the most used business tools, the PC and the phone, to deliver real benefits to the user, The 3300 ICP also supports a powerful suite of applications including multimedia collaboration, customer relationship management and unified messaging. Industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are supported for extensive third-party applications through Mitel Solutions Network (MiSN).

Download 3300 Brochure PDF

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5540 IP Console

Affordability, Simplicity, and a Broad Range of Features
The Mitel® 5540 IP Console is the ideal attendant solution for small and medium businesses using the Mitel Communications Director (MCD) solution or the Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP). This economical answering point supports the same tried and tested functionality of its predecessor – the Mitel SuperConsole® 1000 Attendant Console – with the additional benefits of an IP platform base. It can be used as an attendant console, a sub-attendant position for departments or workgroups, or as a back-up answering position. Affordability, simplicity, and a broad range of standard and specialty functions make the 5540 IP Console the practical choice for small and medium business customers.

Ideal Hospitality Solution
Hospitality customers will find that the 5540 IP Console is the perfect attendant solution for their unique hotel / motel requirements. Using the highly integrated hotel / motel feature package on both the SX-200 ICP and the MCD platform, hotel operators can accurately enter room data, easily update guest status, and gain greater flexibility and control of incoming, outgoing, and room-to-room calls. Hospitality-specific features allow attendants to program automatic or personal wake-up calls, request reports of all current wake-up calls, receive room status updates, activate direct inward dialing so that outside callers can reach guests without front desk assistance, and much more. The 5540 IP Console combines ease of use with extended specialty functions to create an economical attendant solution that will suit the needs of any hospitality enterprise.

Download 5540 Brochure PDF

5550 IP Console

Providing Enterprise Console Attendant Advanced Presence Information 
The Mitel® 5550 IP Console is a PC-based attendant console and administration application for the Mitel Communications Director (MCD). It combines an intuitive PC interface and a specialized telephony keypad for easy dialing and quick access to call processing and telephony features. With teleworker support, the corporate answering point is flexible and mobile. Attendants can now work from anywhere, at anytime.

Ideal for Busy Enterprise and Departmental Attendants
The 5550 IP Console’s Busy Lamp Field (BLF)-based Transfer Assistant functionality provides an automatic search for every call, providing attendants with a Most Recent / Most Frequent panel. Over 90% of incoming calls can be transferred with a single click, reducing searches, improving accuracy, and making attendants highly efficient. The 5550 IP Console’s sophisticated call handling features make it ideal for high volume call environments where attendants need to manage calls rather than simply answer phones.

Presence and Instant Messaging Support 
Presence is a standard requirement for enterprises attendants. An employee needs to have a seamless way of informing the attendant when they will not be at their desk. Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) support allows the console operator to see if someone is away from their desk, busy, or does not want to be disturbed. IM support allows operators to quickly send messages to a user to let them know they have a call, or to ask a quick question on behalf of the caller.

Download 5550 Brochure PDF


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